Bursary general conditions

  1. The applicant must submit all required details on the Bursary Application Form.
  2. Hardcopy or electronic applications must reach ICOM Australia by the specified closing date and time as found on the Bursary Application Form.
  3. Applications must include a Curriculum Vitae indicating training, work experience, publications and current work responsibilities.
  4. Letter of support

    a) For meetings of an ICOM International Committee/Affiliated Organisation or Regional Alliance applications must include a letter of support from the relevant Chairperson as appropriate

    b) For General Conference attendance a letter of support from your institutional CEO or if retired from the CEO of an appropriate institution who can verify your activity.      

  5. Successful applicants will be notified in writing with a letter of offer setting out the conditions of the bursary and how to accept the offer.
  6. Successful bursary recipients are to provide a written report to the ICOM Australia Executive Board by the date specified in the letter of offer. The report is to include:

    a) an assessment of outcome against the original application intention

    b) financial acquittal on the use of the bursary along with original bills and receipts.
  7. A bursary can only be used by the individual in receipt of the award.
  8. Bursaries can only be spent on approved ICOM meeting/conference registration, related travel, related meals and related accommodation.
  9. The selection of bursaries by ICOM Australia are final and not subject to appeal.


ICOM Australia bursaries