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ICOM membership is open to museums and galleries, their staff and volunteers, museum sector providers, museum retirees and post-graduate students undertaking museum related study.

Individuals and organisations who deal in cultural or heritage objects for profit are not eligible for membership.

Joining ICOM is easy, taking less than a week to have your membership confirmed. Once payment is made your membership card is organised with Paris.

Five reasons to join

Member benefits

ICOM Australia join us benefits; Background image: (detail) Marine exhibition courtesy of Museum Victoria; photographer: James Geer

See the range of individual and institutional member benefits: Benefits

Codes of ethics

ICOM Australia code of ethics for museums

Members of ICOM undertake to abide by the ICOM Code of ethics for museums . This code is a cornerstone of ICOM. It sets minimum standards of professional practice and performance for museums and their staff.

ICOM Australia code of ethics for natural history museums

A further code defines ethical standards on issues specific to Natural History Museums .


Museum - for the purposes of membership, a museum is defined as a non-profit, permanent institution in the service of society and its development, open to the public, which acquires, conserves, researches, communicates and exhibits the tangible and intangible heritage of humanity and its environment for the purposes of education, study and enjoyment.

Museum professionals - for the purposes of membership museum professionals include all staff of the museums and institutions qualifying as museums in accordance with the definition above and persons who, in a professional capacity, have as their main activity to provide services, knowledge and expertise for museums and the museum community.


Membership is open to museums, institutions recognised by ICOM and museum professionals.

All candidates eligible for membership must agree to accept and adhere to the ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums . This is done through the membership application process.

ICOM membership is not available to any person or institution (including its employees) that trades (i.e. buys or sells for profit) cultural property - including works of art and natural and scientific specimens - taking national laws and international conventions into consideration.  Likewise, persons or institutions engaged in an activity that conflicts with ICOM´s ethical standards are not eligible for membership.

Membership categories

Individual members - museum professionals, still working or retired

Institutional members - museums or other institutions that comply with the above definition of a museum

Student members -  persons enrolled in museum-related post-graduate academic programs

Honorary members -  persons who have rendered exceptional services to the international museum community or to ICOM. All former elected ICOM Presidents are deemed honorary members

Supporting members - persons or institutions providing substantial assistance to ICOM both financially and otherwise, due to an interest in museums and the international co-operation between museums

Membership rates (2021)

Membership is for a calendar year commencing 1 Jan.

Individual members

Regular museum professional

AUD $ 154
  Retired museum professional AUD $  72

Institutional members

1. (budget < $50k)

AUD $ 450
  2. (budget $50k-$160k) AUD $ 578
  3. (budget $160k-$1.6m) AUD $ 825
  4. (budget $1.6m-$8m) AUD $1210
  5. (budget $8m-$16m) AUD $1430


6. (budget > $16m)

AUD $1760

Student members

Postgraduate students
(related to museum studies)

AUD $   72


Supporting members

Supporting individual

Supporting institution
(have an interest in museums
and international cooperation)

 AUD $440


Price on

GST does not apply.

Discount for Australian Museums and Galleries Association members

Australian Museums and Galleries Association individual members receive 5% discount on ICOM Australia individual membership.  


Payments are only acceptable in Australian Dollars.

Become a member

ICOM Australia membership

On-line application

Applying to become an ICOM member is easy and quick using the ICOM IRIS international database. No payment is necessary at this stage.

  • ICOM Australia will request evidence from you that you meet the appropriate eligibility requirements, for postgraduate students this includes a current Student ID
  • members must abide by the ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums
  • the issuing of new membership cards from Paris takes 4-6 weeks
  • membership is for a calendar year commencing 1 January.

On-line apply here

International committees and affiliated organisations

Members of ICOM are eligible to apply for a range of international committees and affiliated organisations. You can choose up to three when you apply.

Application process

The information you provide in your application is private. The ICOM Australia Membership Secretary will make recommendations to the Executive Board of ICOM Australia on your application. If you genuinely work in a museum, provide services to a museum, or are a postgraduate student of museum or heritage studies this should only take a few days. You will be advised by email of the outcome of your application.


You will be advised by email of the outcome of your application and if successful you will then be asked to pay the appropriate membership fee. This payment can be done:

  • on-line by direct bank transfer (on-line credit card payment is not yet available)
  • by phoning the ICOM Australia Secretariat for credit card.

Once your payment is processed your membership will become active and your card will be sent from Paris, usually arriving within six weeks.


Manual application

Manual applications for new memberships can be made by completing and sending one of the appropriate forms below. Please read the background information above on the application process and payment procedures. For assistance contact the ICOM Secretariat at the Australian Museums and Galleries Association (AMaGA) National Office:

Temporary phone number: 0481 216 399
e: ICOM Australia membership query

PLEASE NOTE: There are ongoing technical problems currently with the landline phone number. The above mobile number is a temporary alternative.

2021 application forms

From 1 Oct 2020 you can apply for a new membership for 2021.

Individual Individual
Retired individual Retired individual
Postgraduate student Postgraduate student
Supporting Supporting
Institutional Institutional



Are you already a member? To renew your membership see the information and options at: Membership renewals