Newsletters and bulletins

Communication with ICOM Australia members is primarily through the web site, e-bulletins and e-newsletters.

ICOM Australia members receive e-bulletins for single topic or brief ad hoc messages.

A digital e-newsletter is also issued by ICOM Australia. It contains a variety of topics and items, and is generally sent to members each quarter via email: March, June, September and December. It is currently under review, and issues in 2021 are not currently scheduled.

ICOM Australia members also receive ICOM's international e-newsletter and have access to international news.


Author guidelines for newsletters (483kB)

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Electronic archive

Dec 2017+

Dec 2009-Jan 2017

Hardcopy list

With the development of internet services ICOM Australia stopped publishing a hardcopy newsletter in 2005. These are not available in digital form. Hardcopy editions were as follows:

1978 - 2000 No.1 - No.72
2001 Feb (incorrectly numbered 71)
2002 Feb
2003 May & Sep
2004 Mar & Sep
2005 Apr & Aug