Bursary eligibility

To be eligible for the award of a bursary the following criteria must be met. The applicant:

  1. Must be a current Individual Member of:
    a)   of ICOM Australia

    b)   or of ICOM internationally and reside in the Pacific Islands or Timor-Leste

    An Individual Member means is in the category of Individual Members and no other category

    See 6. below for a list of eligible Pacific Islands

  2. Has been a continuous member of ICOM and any relevant International Committee/Affiliated Organisation for at least the previous three years
  3. Is currently working with a museum or, if retired, still active in the museum field
  4. Has not within the previous three years received a bursary, scholarship or grant from ICOM Australia or ICOM internationally
  5. Is not a member of the ICOM Australia Executive Board
  6. For the purposes of this Program the Pacific Islands are considered to be:
    * Cook Islands
    * Fiji
    * Kiribati
    * Micronesia
    * Nauru
    * Niue and Tokelau
    * Papua New Guinea
    * Samoa
    * Solomon Islands
    * Tonga
    * Tuvalu
    * Vanuatu


ICOM Australia bursaries