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ICOM Australia AGM 2018 

2018 AGM

The next AGM will be held in Melbourne to coincide with the Museums Galleries Australia national conference .

When and where

12:45pm -1:45pm AEST
5 June 2018

Loading Dock, Meat Market
5 Blackwood Street
NORTH MELBOURNE  Victoria  3051


2018 is an election year for the Executive Board of ICOM Australia. There will be an election at the AGM for six (6) ordinary members of the Board. For information on how to vote see: Election 2018 information


Submission of resolutions for consideration at the AGM closed at 5.00pm AWST Friday 4 May 2018.


If you cannot attend the meeting you are encouraged to submit a proxy form. Please note that the rules on proxies are quite strict and you should read the information at Election before delegating your proxy vote. You will be delegating votes on resolutions and candidates for the Board. Proxies are due by 12.45pm AEST Monday 4 June 2018.

Proxy form (388kB)
Proxy form (396kB)


If you are unable attend please send an: Apology


2018 Melbourne, Vic

2018 agenda (63kB)

Agenda item 4 Quorum (76kB)

Agenda item 5 2017 draft minutes (106kB)

Agenda item 6 Annual report (525kB)

Agenda item 7 Financial report (128kB)

                      Financial statements (581kB)

Agenda item 8 Amendment to Rules of Procedure (351kB)


Please note more papers will be posted soon


Past AGMs

Digitised papers for past AGMs are linked below.




2017 Brisbane, Qld

2017 draft minutes (to come)

2017 agenda  (78kB)

Annual report for 2016 (409kB)

Finance report for 2016 (58kB)

Financial statements for 2016 (196kB)

Amendments to Rules of Procedure (324kB)

2016 Auckland, NZ

2016 draft minutes (96kB)

2016 agenda (774kB)

Annual report for 2015 (161kB)

Finance report for 2015 (134kB)

2015 Sydney, NSW

2015 minutes (88kB)

2015 agenda (70kB)

Annual report for 2014 (1431kB)

Finance report for 2014 (463kB)

2014 Launceston, TAS

2014 minutes (36kB)

2014 agenda (69 kB)

Annual report for 2013 (57kB)

Finance report for 2013 (4858kB)

2013 Canberra, ACT





2013 minutes (56kB)

2013 agenda (68kB)

Annual report for 2012 (88kB)

Finance report for 2012 (113kB)

2012 Canberra, ACT





2012 minutes  (111kB)

2012 agenda (80kB)

Annual report for 2011 (105kB)

Finance report for 2011 (176kB)

2011 Canberra, ACT





2011 minutes (115kB)

2011 agenda (80kB)

Annual report for 2010 (107kB)

Finance report for 2010 (137kB)

2010 Canberra, ACT






2010 minutes (126kB)

2010 Agenda (19kB)

Annual Report for 2009 (34kB)

Finance Report for 2009 (37kB)

Blue Shield Report for 2009 (40kB)

2009 Newcastle, NSW


2009 minutes (74kB)

2009 agenda (38kB)

2008 Canberra, ACT


2008 minutes (101kB)

2008 agenda (PDF 30kB)

2007 Canberra, ACT

2007 minutes (103kB)


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