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2021 AGM


When:   2.00pm  Thursday 27 May 2021

Where:  On-line  (details to come)


In light of ever changing COVID restrictions and following the ease and success of the 2020 AGM, the ICOM Australia 2021 AGM will be held online.

The AGM will be held Thursday 27 May 2021 at 2pm and will be hosted by Vero Voting. This year we will be facilitating voting before the AGM to engage with as many members as possible. Voting will open from Wednesday 12 May 2021 and will close at the commencement of the AGM.

Notice of 2021 AGM

Notice of 2021 AGM

Call for motions

Any items that members wish to be included in the agenda for the AGM must be received no later than:

5pm  Monday  10 May 2021


Executive Board nominations and election

The ICOM Australia Executive Board operates on a two year election cycle (commenced in 2019) however due to vacancies and maximum terms the following positions will be vacant for the ICOM Australia 2021 AGM. We are now calling for nominations for the following positions:

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • National Secretary
  • Membership Secretary
  • Ordinary Member 


Nomination forms must be received no later than:

5pm  Monday  10 May 2021

Nomination form

Nomination form


Proxy forms

We encourage non-attending members to contribute to the ICOM community by participating in the voting process via the proxy forms.

Proxy form

Proxy form



2021 Canberra, ACT

2020 draft minutes (to come)

2021 agenda (to come)

Annual report for 2020 (to come)

Financial report for 2020 (to come)

     Financial statements 2020 (to come)



Past AGMs

Digitised papers for past AGMs are linked below.




2020 Canberra, ACT/on-line

2020 draft minutes

2020 agenda

     2020 agenda (PowerPoint)

Annual report for 2019

Financial report for 2019

     Financial statements 2019

2019 Alice Springs/
Mparntwe, NT

2019 draft minutes

2019 agenda

Annual report for 2018

Financial report for 2018


AGM all papers (combined)

2018 Melbourne, Vic

 2018 draft minutes (final to come)

2018 agenda


Annual report for 2017

Financial report for 2017

Financial statements for 2017

Amendment to Rules of Procedure

2017 Brisbane, Qld

2017 minutes

2017 agenda

Annual report for 2016

Finance report for 2016

Financial statements for 2016

Amendments to Rules of Procedure 

2016 Auckland, NZ

2016 minutes

2016 agenda

Annual report for 2015

Finance report for 2015

2015 Sydney, NSW

2015 minutes

2015 agenda

Annual report for 2014

Finance report for 2014

2014 Launceston, TAS

2014 minutes

2014 agenda

Annual report for 2013

Finance report for 2013

2013 Canberra, ACT





2013 minutes

2013 agenda

Annual report for 2012

Finance report for 2012

2012 Canberra, ACT





2012 minutes

2012 agenda

Annual report for 2011

Finance report for 2011

2011 Canberra, ACT





2011 minutes

2011 agenda

Annual report for 2010

Finance report for 2010

2010 Canberra, ACT






2010 minutes 

2010 Agenda

Annual Report for 2009

Finance Report for 2009

Blue Shield Report for 2009

2009 Newcastle, NSW


2009 minutes

2009 agenda

2008 Canberra, ACT


2008 minutes

2008 agenda

2007 Canberra, ACT

2007 minutes


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