National Gallery of Australia sculpture, 'Cones' by Bert Flugelman. Photo by Pascal Vuylsteker from Paris, France - Australia (Pique Nique au bord du lac - 6) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Museums Australia

Museums Australia

ICOM Australia complements Museums Australia . Both associations provide advocacy and membership services on behalf of the Australian museum community. ICOM Australia provides an international perspective. Museums Australia has a national focus.


Murder of Khaled Asaad

The appalling murder of Khaled Asaad, 82, in Palmyra, Syria, by Islamic State militants has been vehemently condemned by ICOM.  ICOM   ABC News

Award winners

The 2015 ICOM Australia Awards have gone to Dr Don McMichael and the National Portrait Gallery. More