IAMPP eligibility criteria

To be eligible for funding under the IAMPP the following criteria apply:

  1. The partnership/s are between an Australian organisation/s and a cultural organisation/s in the Asia-Pacific region
  2. The Australian applicant body is an institutional member of ICOM
  3. The Australian applicant body is an Australian not-for-profit, incorporated cultural organisation
  4. The Australian applicant body has a deed of agreement / memorandum of understanding with the Asia-Pacific partner
  5. The Asia-Pacific partner is a government-supported cultural organisation or endeavour authorised to hold and develop national / regional cultural heritage
  6. Eligible Australian organisations acting as a primary partner may combine with individuals and for-profit incorporated bodies to achieve project outcomes. However, ICOM Australia will not enter into financial arrangements with individuals, non-incorporated bodies or commercial organisations
  7. Applications are in the range AUD $2,500 - AUD $30,000
  8. Minor capital costs are eligible for IAMPP funding only when the direct beneficiary and owner of the capital item is the partnering Asia-Pacific cultural organisation
  9. Major capital costs are funded from non-IAMPP sources
  10. The partners do not provide commercial museum services
  11. Applicants have fully complied with any previous agreements with ICOM Australia, the National Museum of Australia or AusAID
  12. Projects are:
    a) non-commercial in nature
    b) driven by the Asia-Pacific partner
    c) focused on capacity building
    d) free of retrospective expenses
    e) do not include in-house salaries.

IAMPP eligibility and selection criteria (34kB)