IAMPP selection criteria

Applications for project funding will be assessed against the following criteria:

  1. The eligibility criteria are met
  2. Clear indications that the Asia-Pacific cultural organisation is the driver of the project
  3. Clearly identified aims and subject matter for the project, with its principle focus as capacity building
  4. Cultural significance of the subject matter when matched to project objective / aims
  5. The project's ability to improve local accessibility to the cultural material described in the application
  6. The extent of the partner's support of, and involvement in the project
  7. The nature of any other support organisation's involvement in the project
  8. The project's viability
  9. The applicant's and / or partner's previous experience in realising good outcomes when visiting museum professionals have been a key element of the project
  10. The project evidences skills development and measurable benefits for both the Asia-Pacific and Australian partners
  11. The extent to which all parties to the project come away both professionally and personally enriched
  12. The duration and nature of the partnership between the parties.

IAMPP eligibility and selection criteria (34kB)