ICOM Australia Partnerships Program (IAPP)

The ICOM Australia Partnerships Program offers support to not-for-profit and incorporated cultural organisations in Australia's neighbouring regions by providing skills and resources through formally partnered governance, cultural and heritage projects.

These resources include sharing information about museum best practice. The IAPP Program is underpinned by two-way exchanges of expertise, and lays the groundwork for long-term relationships between cultural institutions. It particularly supports projects which are based on strong local commitment and can build sustainable museum practice.

The Program is currently run on an as-needed basis, and is substantially funded through partnerships with other organisations. Eligible projects comprise training, collection management, curation, facilities, exhibitions, public programs, engagement, digital communications and museum management.

ICOM Australia welcomes expressions of interest in the work of the IAPP and proposals for projects in our neighbouring regions.

For further information please email: IAPP query


Current and past programs