2013 awards for international relations

The awards were presented by Dr Robin Hirst (Chair, ICOM Australia) at the 2013 Museums Australia Conference dinner in Canberra at the Gandell Hall, National Gallery of Australia on Sat 18 May 2013.

2013 briefing brochure (185kB)

Individual award

Robin Torrence

For her lifetime's achievements as a researcherFor her lifetime’s achievements as a researcher in archaeology, material culture for furthering international relations with particular focus on Papua New Guinea and Australia.

Robin Torrence testimony

Institutional  award

Museum Victoria and JSW Foundation

Recognising the work of Sarah Kenderdine for the PLACE – Hampi project at Kaladham Museum, Vijayanagar, Karnataka, India. An exemplary program of initiatives reaching across the oceans and bringing together several organisations in two countries. The project generated significant local community impacts, has created longer-term and wider outcomes, and will leave a memorable and valuable legacy for both individuals and institutions.

MoV and JSWF testimony



1. Copyright Kate Morschel  2. Copyright Sarah Kenderdine

1. Awards night 18 May 2013, Gandell Hall, National Gallery of Australia.

L-R: Robin Torrence (Individual winner), Robin Hirst (ICOM Australia President), Deborah Tout-Smith (ICOM Australia award selection committee) and Sarah Kenderdine (Institutional winner representative).

(Photo by: Kate Morschel used with permission)


2. PLACE Hampi exhibition, Kaladham Museum, Vijayanagar, Karnataka, India

(Photo by: Sarah Kenderdine used with permission)