2012 awards for international relations

The awards were presented by Dr Robin Hirst Deputy President at at the 2012 Museums Australia Conference dinner in Adelaide at the National Wine Centre on Thursday 27 September 2012.

  2012 briefing brochure (284kB)

Individual award

Amareswar Galla

For his extensive and ongoing commitment to museums, sustainable development and poverty alleviation through culture.

Amareswar Galla testimony (173 kB)

Institutional  award

Powerhouse Museum

For a significant exhibition reflecting the Powerhouse Museum's longstanding recognition of the importance of understanding and communicating the cultures of neighbouring countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Powerhouse Museum testimony (166 kB)



1. Courtesy Amareswa Galla  2. Copyright Powerhouse Museum

1. Amareswar Galla

2. Spirit of Jang-in: treasures of Korean metal craft  opening at the Powerhouse Museum

(from left) Min-Jung Kim, Curator, Powerhouse Museum, Hon. Victor Dominello MP. Minister for Citizenship and Communities of NSW and Seung-Hee Kim, artist from Korea viewing the exhibition.

(Photo by Sotha Bourn, Powerhouse Museum)