2009 awards for international relations

The awards were made by Craddock Morton (ICOM Australia Chair) on 19 May 2009 in the Cummings Room, Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle (NSW, Australia).

 Presentation speech (PDF 172kB)         2009 brochure (PDF 708kB)

Individual award

Ron Vanderwal, Senior Curator – Anthropology (Oceania), Museum Victoria

For his personal engagement with the people and museum collections of the Pacific region, in particular those of Fiji and the Fijian Diaspora in Australia.

Individual award

Bernice Murphy, National Director, Museums Australia

For major contributions on a significant level to:

  • issues that are at the core of museological practice
  • ICOM's Code of Ethics
  • placing Australia and our museum profession on the international stage

Institutional award

RMIT Gallery, Melbourne

For a commitment to:

  • presenting the work of international art, craft and design in Australia
  • developing ongoing presentations of the work of Australian artists, designers and craftspeople internationally, in particular in India and Germany



Craddock Morton & Ron Vanderwal. Photo: Gavin Fry 

Craddock Morton and Ron Vanderwal

Bernice Murphy. Photo: Gavin Fry        Sarah Morris, RMIT. Photo: Gavin Fry

Bernice Murphy                    Sarah Morris, RMIT