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Blue Shield is an international organisation, working to protect the world’s cultural heritage threatened by armed conflict and natural disasters.

Blue Shield Australia (BSA) is one of the national committees of the international Blue Shield.

BSA was established in 2005 with the approval and support of ICBS, as a federation of four non-governmental organisations ('pillars' or founding organisations), which represent professionals active in the fields of archives, libraries, monuments and sites, and museums. The BSA committee comprises representatives from the following Australian peak industry organisations:

These four organisations work together to prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergency situations in case of armed conflict or natural disasters that could affect Australia’s cultural heritage. Representatives from these organisations on the BSA Committee include salaried professionals and independent consultants whose work for BSA is not directly remunerated and is frequently undertaken outside paid hours (i.e. voluntarily).

The work of Blue Shield Culture contributes to UN Sustainable Development Goal 11. Target 11.4 aims to strengthen efforts to protect and safeguard the world’s cultural and natural heritage.


Blue Shield is marking 25 years of helping to protect cultural heritage from conflict and disaster. More 




The regular May Day promotion of disaster preparedness coordinated by Blue Shield Australia is moving to October in 2020.

For many years Blue Shield Australia (BSA) has promoted disaster preparedness activities around the theme of May Day linking in with information management activities during the month of May. This timing will change in 2020. Even though risks are present at all times, Blue Shield Australia recognises that the Australian disaster season more commonly falls over the summer months.

From 2020, BSA will focus its awareness raising campaign around 13 October, the United Nations International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction.

The campaign will focus on simple practical steps that organisations can take to prepare for and respond to threats to the cultural heritage held by galleries, archives, libraries, museums and sites. The potential damage from fire, intense storms and floods is large but all sectors can take small steps to ensure:

  • contact lists and telephone call-out trees are up-to-date
  • circulate the Blue Shield Australia resources page
  • review documents like disaster preparedness, business continuity or risk plans are make them readily available from several – on-site and off-site – locations.




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