How we operate

ICOM Australia manages its affairs through Rules of Procedure, a members Annual General Meeting (AGM) and regular teleconference meetings of an elected Executive Board.

Where possible the Annual General Meeting is aligned with the
Australian Museums and Galleries Association National Conference and AGM.

Key governance documents

ICOM statutes
ICOM rules for National Committees
ICOM Australia Rules of Procedure
Associations Incorporation Act ACT 1991
Associations Incorpration Regulation ACT 1991
ICOM Australia Strategic Plan

Financial year

ICOM Australia’s financial year coincides with the calendar year (1 January - 31 December).

Inspection of books

The current records, books and other documents of the National Committee are open for inspection, free of charge, by a member of the National Committee by arrangement at any reasonable time during business hours at the office of the Secretariat.

Corporate status

ICOM Australia is an incorporated body registered in the Australian Capital Territory, Australia.

Registered name:

International Council of Museums Australian Committee Inc.
Registration no: A 2081
Relevant legislation: Australian Capital Territory Associations Incorporation Act 1991
Incorporated: 22 Jul 1992
Name change: 14 Feb 2008 (accepted by ACT Office of Regulatory Services)
Registered address:

National Museum of Australia
ACTON  ACT  2601
Public officer:

Roger Garland
p: 02 6230 0346

ABN: 47 613 685 234