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The International Council of Museums Australia (ICOM Australia) is a part of the global network of museum and heritage professionals committed to the world’s natural and cultural heritage. As a branch of the International Council of Museums based in Paris, it represents the international interests of its member museums and museum professionals across Australia and nearby regions.

ICOM Australia complements Australian Museums and Galleries Association in that both associations provide membership services and advocacy on behalf of the Australian museum community. ICOM Australia provides an international perspective while Australian Museums and Galleries Association has a national focus.


ICOM Australia promotes and supports:

  • international collaboration between museums and museum workers championing acceptance, understanding, sharing and exchange of ideas and resources
  • understanding of global museum values and issues
  • the work of colleagues in Australasia, Asia and the Indo-Pacific region
  • the recognition and rewarding of good international museum practice and innovation
  • the interests of members.


ICOM Australia recognises and acts upon the following core values:

  • the power of  human creativity and its contribution to understanding the past, shaping the present, and mapping the future
  • the importance of global dialogue based on cultural and social diversity
  • transparent dialogue about cross-cultural understanding and human rights
  • the need for engagement with public issues of social change.


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