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The International Council of Museums Australia (ICOM Australia) is a part of the global network of museum and heritage professionals committed to the world’s natural and cultural heritage. As a branch of the International Council of Museums based in Paris, it represents the international interests of its member museums and museum professionals across Australia and nearby regions.


ICOM Australia is committed to promoting an Australian perspective on the research, conservation, continuation and communication to society of the world's natural and cultural heritage, present and future, tangible and intangible.

ICOM Australia complements Museums Galleries Australia in that both associations provide membership services and advocacy on behalf of the Australian museum community. ICOM Australia provides an international perspective while Museums Galleries Australia has a national focus.


As a non-governmental, non-profit body, ICOM Australia supports ICOM internationally by:
•    establishing professional and ethical standards for museum activities
•    making recommendations on issues related thereto
•    promoting capacity building
•    advancing knowledge
•    raising public cultural awareness through global networks and co-operation programes
•    combating the illicit traffic in cultural property.

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